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  1. August 18, 2018 Charles Chidi Paradise

    The Entire Africans Needs Young Intellectualists in Presidential Offices To Make Significant Changes.

    The African Unions and ECOWAS may have to enforce this New Resolution for United Nations Approvals.

    The entire Africa needs Young Professionals with ideal intellects for the new age technology to rebrand each Country in Africa.

    Nigeria and other African Continents can be better of than Dubai with our Natural Resources if Young Professionals with ideal technology of the new age takes over Presidential Offices.

    Our founding Fathers in Africa should embrace the innovation of our Youths, sit as Statesmen to give excellent advice to Young People just like we have Knowledgeable men of honour in America called the Electoral College who saw the future of Americans in danger and chose President Donald J. Trump to fix America lately.

    In advanced world we have seen series of Young Professionals at age 45 making impacts as World Leaders. It’s time to wake up Africa.

    We need leaders who can bring Price Controls, implement advanced technology for our Economic Growths to enhance UN Sustainable Development Goals.–C. C. Paradise #Article (UN Youth Ghana 2018).

  2. August 18, 2018 Charles Chidi Paradise

    The Governing Council of “World Peace Rebirth Initiative” are looking out for partnership/fundings to commence our Multi Billion Dollar Peace Projects on Global Peace Mission towards UN Sustainable Development Goals, having tendered this proposals to the Authorities as follows the United Nations, European Union and White House years back with recent review at UN and White House.

    Despite the magnitude of this projects, we believe there are peace loving World Leaders, Philanthropist and Banks around the world capable of funding this Peace Project in favour of the World Youths in collaboration with United Nations.

    The architectural design of (WPRI) Peace Education Resource Center where Professors and Experts around the world can assemble to develop New Educational Curriculum and Subject for Peace Studies is out.

    •It will cost $2.5 Billion with 16 Hectares of land acquisition.
    •Its about 17 floors.
    •It produces its own electricity, It has climate control.
    •It also has SPS double glazing windows, this glass is tempered and bullet proof.
    •It is Photochromic and changes with the sun rays, If its very sunny it would become shaded, When it is getting dark it becomes light.
    •Outside is a mirror so you can’t see inside.
    •When you go out, the lights go out automatically.
    •The building has health scan for workers.
    •Key passages has a full health scan on each floor.
    Your body temperature, fluid, weight, etc would be noted and if you are not OK, it will send a signal or beep.
    •The roof generates power through wind tunnels through the flutes.
    •Very few buildings in the world have this.

    •We are looking at return on investment as it is estimated that if fully built, it would generate about $600million every year from tourist rides in the sky capsules.

    We are building first in New York, next in Africa Abuja Federal Capital of Nigeria and China other Countries that may want to give us a Land Space of 16 Hectares and fund same project.

    Its just about 50% capture of what this Dynamic building contains. Let’s set a new cornerstone for Peace Day 2018 with the following Peace Quote:

    Peace is a Paramount our World revolves on~C. C. Paradise #quote

    No input made towards World Peace can be considered a waste~C. C. Paradise

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